My name is Gulsah,  Turkish designer, illustrator and big dreamer from Istanbul.

I've worked in fashion industry as stylist and costume designer for prestigious magazine for eight years
Then I have a break to my job and my life in Istanbul and I moved to Thailand. I discovered a little Island calling
"Koh Lipe" , I started to live there. I lived 5 months. I was diving everyday and trying to draw what
I saw under the water. I didn't even know I could draw a bit before,
this journey let me discover myself.
After I came back to Istanbul, I made little office for myself and started to draw something on illustrator program
Then I decided to produce drawstring bags & raincoats and create my little own brand with my drawings.
After I create my products I move to Berlin for visit my artist friends. By chance I met with "Larry Tee" He is a designer based in Berlin. And he liked my products and design, he encouraged me to join
BAFW (Berlin Alternative Fashion Week)
Then after 2 months I joined BAFW and had launched "Frammy"  in 2017
I focus on; Harajuku fashion, kawaii & decora fashion, young generation alternative styles,
fun and colorful World!
Frammy it's like a ; Sunny, Rainy, Lovely, Pinky, Dreamy, Funny, Creepy, Arty, Cozy KAWAII !!!
Always Colorful, Enjoyable, Childish, Friendly, Orginal
Freedom of Creativity
Believe Universe Love Universe Colors
One World ! One Love!
With Love