Refund policy

We implement  our producers "on demand order" fulfillment platform's return policies.

Please get contact with us for any question or request at We will be happy to do our best.

Refund Policy

We do not make refunds or exchange in the following situations;

- Color or product change request

- Request for size change

- Product or product quality dissatisfaction

- Product color or pattern and pattern color dissatisfaction

- Due to health or hygiene reasons; face masks & jewelries

We do make refunds in the following situation;

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 10 (calendar) days after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 10 (calendar) days after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

How is the return system is working ?

If you notice an issue on the products or anything else on the order, please submit a problem report to

Problem report should be include; 

- The date you received the product (cargo delivery document picture)

- Text the explain the issue

- Pictures that visually explain the issue

After reviewing the problem report, in case we see fit according to our return policy, we will send your report to fulfillment platforms.

Fulfillment platforms have the right to examine the report and to accept or not to accept it based on their own initiative. Refunds are made for products that are accepted as misprinted/damaged/defective products by producers.

Misprinted problem does not include the pattern design, pattern sizes ,  pattern colors and resolution.

If it contains a completely different pattern from the photo you see and your order product, it will enter the misprinted problem.

 If you do any return action without the contact with us and not send report problem to us, we will not be responsibility of your return action or request. Your refund request and action will be void.

Wrong Address 


If you provide an address that is considered or wrong insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to producers facility.

We and our producers are not responsibility of any refund, resend or new send.

Therefore we recommend fill up correct and all needs informations for your shipping operation.

Receiver delivery timeout

If all your delivery address and delivery information are correct and complete, but the shipment company cannot reach you, then your shipments will be returned.

In this case , we will contact you by e-mail and we will send you a warning e-mail.

Therefore; this is  your responsibility to follow track delivery for not get any time out.

We  and our producers are not responsibility of any resend, new send or refund.

Package lost in transit

In this case;  Our return policy applies according to shipping policy.

Return policy changes

Any changes we make to this Return Policy in the future will be posted on this page. Therefore, we encourage you to check this page frequently from time to time.