• She Owns It X Frammy

    Become a Queen Not a Princess ! Women Supporting¬†Women ! Thankful for sharing my article She Owns It Special Thanks to Melissa Stewart ūüíē If you ...
  • Allen & Houston Magazine / 2020

      The best and super special interview for Frammy. Many thanks to angel "Issie Wing"
  • Tokyo Fashion / 2019

    Tokyo Street Fashion with extra ordinary team!!! Tokyo Fashion Many thanks to "Takeki & Junnyan"
  • NHK World Japan / 2019

    Such a big surprise for Frammy!!! Many thanks to Cybr.grl / Kristina wearing Frammy raincoat poncho!
  • The Comm / 2019

      The Comm Online interview. Many thanks to Nsey Pictures / Ben for cool shots and Little Voice & Rikarin.  Such an angels team!!!   https://...
  • Tokyo Fashion / 2018

    Tokyo Street Fashion with angel Takeki wearing Frammy raincoats and bags Many thanks to "Takeki & Tokyo Fashion"
  • Yeay / 2017

    Yeay application interview Berlin!! With amazing dreamy Frammy Girls Team. Many thanks to "Derya, Rabia,ńįrem, Erva"
  • Kaltblut / 2018

    Special video shooting for "Kaltblut magazine"   Many thanks to Little Voice & Rikarin. Amazing team !!!
  • The Fake Magazine / 2017

    First interview with "The Fake Magazine Newyork" Many thanks to Ezgi Uzun